Traveling in summer is a tradition for many families. No wonder this period is considered the most important in the Tourism Calendar sector and the financial movement and generation of jobs. In 2018, travel and tourism accounted for 7.8 million jobs and 2.8% of the United States’ GDP. However, for many people, the high cost weighs when deciding where to go and can even frustrate the possibilities of traveling on vacation. But if you plan long enough and search for the best prices, it’s perfectly possible to find some dream vacation spots and visit them for under $ 1000. Below we share with you a list of 6 destinations that you can visit for under $1,000!

1. Barcelona

Between mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona, displays a diversity of art, culture, and good cuisine. In July, the month of holidays, the city is usually very busy, a perfect place for those who want to enjoy the trendy European summer. Visit the Sagrada Familia and discover the works of the famous Spanish modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. Stroll through Porto Vell and Barceloneta, and don’t worry about getting lost in the Gothic and Del Born neighborhood streets. Be sure to go to a good Tapas and Pinchos bar and try Vermouth, a kind of wine sweetened with herbs.

2. Amsterdam

The Dutch capital, Amsterdam, is extremely charming with its many canals and a youthful and cosmopolitan atmosphere. And also one of the most unexpected affordable vacation spots. With a mild summer, when compared to other European cities, cycling through the city is the best way to discover its architectural beauty, museums and honor the constant party atmosphere. Getting lost in Amsterdam’s streets and canals is a delight. Discover the Anne Frank Museum, a place full of memories where the German teenager of Jewish origin and her family lived and hid from the Nazis in World War II. Visit the Flower Market, a Dutch flower, tulip, and trinket fair that has existed since 1862.

3. Toronto

With a bold architecture, Canada’s largest city, Toronto, is full of good options for having fun, eating well, shopping, museums, parks, scenarios for famous movie locations, and cultural diversity. It is also worth remembering that the city is less than a two-hour drive from the famous Niagara Falls: one of the most affordable family vacations. Place your body on the glass floor of the CN Tower, which is 342 meters high! To feel the bustle of the city, be in rush hour at the historic Union Station. Dive into the Ripley’s Aquarium and take a ferry to visit Toronto Island. Enjoy a walk on the Beaches promenade in the company of skaters, volleyball players, cyclists, pedal boats, and joggers.

4. Santiago

You may not have considered the Chilean capital as one of your dream vacations, but certainly, it will please everyone in the family. The city offers several cultural attractions, such as parks, zoos, and museums. Hosted in Santiago, it is still possible to visit the country’s main ski center, Valle Nevado.

5. Bangkok

Bangkok is many people’s dream vacation because it delivers even more than it promises. In addition to being the gateway to other tourist spots in the country, Thailand is also the main connection with neighboring countries like Indonesia and Vietnam. Admire the Grand Palace and photograph more than 400 Buddhist temples in the Thai capital. Discover the Bangkok National Museum and the Samam Luang lawn, which hosts royal ceremonies and important events. Eat at Wang Lang Market, one of the best places to sample street food, or at floating markets furthest from the city center.

6. Tokyo

Considered the safest city in the world, the capital of Japan, Tokyo, is full of entertainment for all tastes. The city has futuristic buildings with stunning architecture, religious temples, and excellent cuisine for lovers of raw fish. Did you know that the Japanese capital would be on a list of affordable vacations? Yeah! Discover the Shibuya region, where the planet’s most crowded intersection is and some cool stores. Visit the chic Omotesando, also known as Chanz Elisée, in Tokyo. See the doll girls in Harajuku, the giant trees in the Meiji Jingu, and the Tokyo Imperial Palace’s miniature trees. Enter the oldest and most vibrant temple in Tokyo, Asakusa, where there is a very nice market to do typical shopping and try the food.

Lose yourself in the chaos of Akiharbara’s electronics stores and watch the sunset (with Mount Fuji in the background) from the top of Roppongi Hills. Plan your trip in advance! The earlier, the better, and of course, the cheaper it will be. Some of the tips to spend less are to travel during the low season, stay in a hostel, fly with low-cost companies, rent a bicycle, and use the local public transport a lot. 2021 is a unique opportunity to make your dream vacation come true!