If your favorite airplane activity is sleeping and all you remember from your time onboard is the noise of crying babies and two shoulders sandwiching you, then you have most likely had terrible experiences sleeping on board so far!

Some factors that ruin your onboard beauty sleep like a talkative neighbor or baby crying are unfortunately out of your control, but other factors like choosing the wrong seat or not using a travel pillow are completely your fault and you should do something about it!

If you’re traveling for the first time or are someone who travels a lot and goes on long flights, you can always learn and improve your onboard sleeping experience.

This list has come to show you the way, from which seat to select, how many carry-ons to bring aboard a plane, to how some of your habits could be behind your bad in-flight sleep!

1. Take the window seat!

Do you know which plane seats are the worst? All middle seats!

Middle seats are a curse on your precious sleep and overall comfort aboard an airplane. The moment you sit down, you’ll realize your mistake.

You’ll be squeezed by two people who have shoulders just like you, and possibly broader, and you won’t get a taste of sleep because you’ll be too annoyed and uncomfortable for that!

Experienced passengers always tend to avoid middle seats and choose window seats for better naps. A window seat will give you the privilege of leaning your head on the wall next to you and save you the pain of waking up with neck spasms.

Several airlines now offer the chance for passengers to select the seat of their choice at the time of booking. Although it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the exact seat you selected since the airline may change it if it’s deemed necessary, it’s still worth the try!

2. Use neck pillows

Having a travel neck pillow will give you peace of mind and peace of neck as well!

A neck pillow will support your neck and head, lower the risk of neck pain, and help you have a stress-free, sleep-filled flight! There are many types of neck pillows that are comfortable, durable, and affordable such as the U-shaped AERIS travel pillow and inflatable neck travel pillows.

If you secure the window seat with a neck pillow around your neck, what could possibly go wrong?! Wait, there are more factors that might ruin your sleep! Read on to find out.

3. Limit your carry-ons

Of all the reasons to ruin your sleep on a plane, you chose luggage?

Taking two to three carry-ons with you onboard will take away too much legroom and cause you leg numbness and cramps, especially during long flights which will prevent you from getting good quality sleep.

Some airlines already have less legroom than others, so even one carry-on bag can barely fit in. Now you have one more reason to pack a light carry-on bag!

4. Avoid caffeine

Drinking your steaming cup of coffee, tea, or icy soda before flying is a bad idea. You should always avoid caffeine even if you can’t interact with other humans without it because not only will it dehydrate your body and give you headaches and nausea, but it will also keep you wide awake onboard.

Caffeine takes around six hours to wear off so if your flight is six hours long or less, say farewell to sleep from now!

5. Skip alcohol

Another reason for poor quality sleep on a plane is alcohol so if you have the habit of drinking wine or beer before or during a flight, your lack of sleep could be blamed on that.

Though alcohol may promote sleep, the effect usually lasts for three or four hours and then you won’t be able to go back to sleep. Alcohol will also dehydrate your body and give you headaches. Where is the comfort in that?

And those were the ways that you can have a long, comfortable sleep during a flight. P.S. Make sure to plug your ears when you hear the symphony of crying babies around you!