Campers and hikers know better than anyone what it is like to be surprised by nature. But you don’t have to be a very adventurous person to know that there are dangers and uncomfortable situations in any type of trip. Even for the most organized and planned people, a trip can suddenly become a nuisance. Accidents are examples of events that can happen and are completely out of our control. So, understand how some travel hacks are very valuable and can save you in an unforeseen time!

1. Enriching the taste of food and providing drinking water

Use small solid plastic pots, such as tic-tac containers, to carry your favorite spices. Who said that most of the meals on that economic trip need to be tasteless and without salt? Enjoying good food is not a privilege for those who have money to eat out always. From curry to paprika, all spices can be used in your trip to temper that pasta made in 10m. Buy a bottle with a good built-in water filter. Who has never had the so-called “traveler’s diarrhea” on adventurous-style trips due to a shortage of money or a place to buy fully drinking water? Today there are a dozen brands that sell this powerful object to ensure the well-being of your body and its tranquility. Do not forget that at airports you can access drinking fountains and that in some countries the restaurants must provide drinking water by law.

2. Promoting the cleanliness of your body and your personal belongings

Learn how to make homemade natural products. A mixture of 1 liter of hot water, 60 ml of white vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of baking soda is a perfect disinfectant. Put it in a jar to take with you. All ingredients are inexpensive and easy to find in any market, and you will not harm the environment. Buy or make a “nécessaire” to carry harmful hygiene products. It is no accident that this small bag has become a common habit for decades. As its name expresses, in French, it takes the essentials with you in a practical and organized way. Deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, medicines, liquid soaps, makeup, sunscreen are examples of what can be transported through the bag.

3. Giving you flexibility and saving your money

Look for the bare necessities. This tip has already been absorbed by the minimalist, a pity that they are still a minority. But it is not difficult to achieve the autonomy that a lightweight backpack gives you. You just need to exercise detachment and the ability to synthesize. Before leaving the hotel, think about everything you will need in your day, and then use a fine comb to exclude everything that is expendable. Your back will thank you for fewer grams. Make an account at Couchsurfing. Accommodation is one of the biggest sources of expense for a trip. Do you believe that you can stay with the quality and without any money? Just sign up for Couchsurfing and interact with a community of more than 14 million people worldwide.

4. Storing and supplying electricity when you need to see at night

Dine by candlelight with a cell phone and a bottle of water. If you want to make a candlelit dinner inside your tent, this may be a solution. Just turn on your phone’s flashlight and place a water bottle on top of the flashlight. This will make the light soft. And, if you turn the bottle upside down, it will have a colored light. What a travel hack, huh? Put your batteries in the fridge. Even when your battery is not in use, it loses charge because its internal chemical components are reacting and dissipating the stored charge. Under low temperature, this chemical reaction is reduced. Therefore the battery life increases when they are stored in the refrigerator.

You can guarantee the preservation of up to 90% of the battery charge if you keep them in the freezer. However, be careful not to put the batteries in the refrigerator while they are hot and do not use them immediately after removing them from it. Buy a pack of crayons and take them with you, for they can serve to provide light, in addition to writing. Depending on the variety offered by the version you choose, your candles can become a show of colors! Compare it to the price of a colored candle, and it will confirm that this is one of the most useful travel hacks.

5. Ensuring your security against thieves

Make a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets. From leather to paper, you can make a wallet to fool thieves with whatever material is left in your home. If you want to make fun of it even more, leave a message for the unlucky person who stole it. Leave it lightly on display, in your pants pockets, or on the front of your backpack. Travel hacks also involve this kind of cunning. Buy an anti-theft backpack or bag. Also considered the importance of aesthetics. Different brands offer a great diversity of colors and textures.

Choose the one that suits you best and the one that looks most comfortable for your body. If you wondered how to become a travel hacker, you now have several good first steps. Keep in mind that travel hacks are not limited to discounts and promotions but signify the habit of turning unforeseen into usefulness. Therefore, it is from the training of your look at the possibilities of creating solutions that you walk in this direction, not only copying and pasting easy travel hacks.