When you travel, keeping up with mounds of laundry can be a great struggle. Heck, it’s a struggle even when you are home with no place to go. So in order to handle those dirty clothes when you are on vacation, you may need a few helpful laundry tips to save the day. As someone who travels with a family, meaning kids and a useless partner, I would need all the tips there are to make our traveling journey fun and memorable with fresh and clean outfits.

there is the five life-saving laundry tips for easier trips.

1. Laundry bag

When everything is jumbled together in a suitcase, it will be easy to confuse dirty and clean clothes. You will need to be smelling everything before putting it on, which is a road through disgust!  To protect your clean clothes from being soiled by the dirty ones, pack a canvas bag for everyone to throw their sweaty clothes and dirty underwear in. you can also opt for storage-sized zipper-lock plastic bags.

2. Wash clothes while traveling

If your trip lasts only a few days or one week, you can then keep your dirty clothes in the laundry bag and don’t deal with them till you return. But if you are traveling for an extended period, then it’s best to deal with those nasty clothes while traveling.  Following this tip will allow you to pack fewer clothes because you will be reusing them. Plus, washing clothes within one week ensures there will be no lingering stains, odors, and dirt that can cause permanent damage.

3. Check laundry services

Before you book a hotel, check the services they offer because many hotels have washers and dryers available for guests. Also, many vacation rental homes are fully equipped with laundry machines. In case you are staying where none of this is available, you can then look for laundromats near where you will be staying. And when it comes to underwear and socks, it’s best to wash them manually at night and hang them somewhere near a window where they can be air-dried – you can use the sink. By the morning, they will be ready to be reused again!

4. Pack laundry supplies

Of course, you shouldn’t be buying laundry supplies while traveling because it can be highly inconvenient and expensive. So why not bring a few things with you?  Don’t get me wrong; I am not telling you to bring heavy and bulky things that can take space. You can bring a stain remover stick to treat the stains before you throw them in the laundry bag, and for longer trips, you should pack a little amount (or two scoops) of your powdered laundry detergent in a resealable plastic bag.  You can also bring fabric softener and liquid detergent in travel-sized bottles.  Make sure to label each item, and the liquid containers adhere to TSA size guidelines.

5. Cruise ship laundry service

If you are going on a cruise ship, you shouldn’t be too worried about the laundry services because they are always available. This can be the most convenient way when it comes to doing laundry on vacation.  Simply, pack your dirty clothes and hand them to the staff, and you will have them all washed, dried, and folded for you. However, beware because these services tend to come with a heavy price tag.