While traveling the world, Eric Lafforgue, a photographer, managed to visit North Korea 6 times in 4 years. During his trips, he took pictures to show the world what life in The Land of the Morning Calm really looks like.

Eric was banned from this country after his 6th visit because the North Korean government has asked him to delete the negative photos from the internet but he refused. The photographer was actually so lucky, if he was caught with his loaded-with-photos USB, he could even have been imprisoned.

You might have heard some strangely scary stories about life in North Korea. Unfortunately, they might be very true. Actually, people who could flee the country tell terrifying things about their ordinary day-to-day routine.

However, many locals believe they are enjoying a happy life. Is it because they have only seen one reality? What could possibly happen if they open up to the world and discover other variants?

We have no answers to these questions, but we have 20 of Eric’s photos to show you so you can get a clear glimpse on the regular life at the northern part of the Korean Peninsula.