There are many beautiful places to visit in the world, and we can almost bet that after this chaotic year, you can’t wait to get back on the road and discover the whole world. While the majority of travel restrictions have been lifted, some people are still afraid of traveling. But you need to bring back adventure and discovery, and 2021 is perfect for that. A question remains, though: where should I go first? But fear no more, as we compiled a list of 12 places to see before you die. So, get your travel insurance ready, and let’s go!

1. Dubai

There are some crazy places to travel to, and Dubai is surely one of them. A barren desert has been transformed into a prospering city that keeps mutating to adjust to this ever-changing world. While most people think of the epic Burj Khalifa whenever they think of Dubai, this modern city also has a historical center worth visiting. Wander around the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and discover all the picturesque heritage buildings, the museums, and the monumental cafes. Be sure not to leave without enjoying a sky-high view from one of the many skyscrapers.

2. Japan

There is no surprise that a country like Japan is part of a list of the best places to visit once in a lifetime. This quirky Asian country offers breathtaking natural settings, delicious food, and an insight into a completely different culture. The beaches are amazing, nature there is stunning, and the ancient culture is to die for. You can never get bored when traveling to Japan. In fact, you could visit it 100 times, and you would still feel like it’s the first one.

You should start in the city that never sleeps from Asia: Tokyo. Then make your way to Osaka, where you will taste some of the most exquisite Japanese cuisine delicacies. Next, visit the beautiful city of Kyoto and go down the corridors of history. If you want a more natural adventure, you can always go to Niseko and take a break from all the cosmopolitan fuss.

3. Papua New Guinea

On the border between the Pacific and Southeast Asia, you can live the adventure of a lifetime. The infrastructure in Papua New Guinea is scarce, and it’s not going to be a comfortable vacation – but we promise you it will be a rewarding one. Visit during August and take part in the Mount Hagen tribal Festival. However, you can go during other times of the year and enjoy the green settings and the incredible wildlife. If you’re an enthusiast of bird watching, this place is surely calling for you!

4. Catalonia

Spain is a beautiful country, with amazing weather and many historical sights to visit. But Catalonia is something else! Even though its capital Barcelona is the “target” destination for most people, there is more to Catalonia than that. Sure, start in Barcelona – visit Gaudi’s most famous architectural works and lose yourself in the beautiful gothic neighborhoods. Then, head off elsewhere in Catalonia and experience some of the most fantastic wine tourism of your entire life! If you like medieval settings, visit Castellfollit de la Roca or Besalu and take a walk around the charming streets.

5. New York

It’s always a good idea to visit New York! The city that never sleeps is constantly changing, so even if you have been to it before, you will still find it different when you come back. We recommend all art enthusiasts to get acquainted with New York’s art scene and visit The Shed, the most famous Cultural Center in the Hudson Yards. Then, don’t forget to pass by the MOMA – you will be completely amazed. New York is boiling with things to do. The multicultural tapestry is what makes it such a dynamic, interesting, and fascinating city to visit. Plus, you can surely get some sweet travel deals and treat yourself to a cheap vacation.

6. Rwanda

In 2019, the Rwandan Genocide made its 25th anniversary. Despite the country’s dark past, Rwanda has been able to grow as a tourist destination, favoring the quality of their offer over quantity. Luxury lodges are their prime investment. You can explore the country’s wildlife while staying at a fabulous lodge in the middle of the mountains. These safari parks are a way of preserving many animal species, such as gorillas and elephants, helping them thrive and live full and happy lives.

7. The Maldives

The Maldives were once an exclusive destination meant for people with a lot of money, but that’s been changing in the past few years. The country is full of affordable accommodation options so that everyone can live their best tropical life without spending all of their savings. Here you can enjoy all sorts of unique experiences, such as sleeping in a bubble underwater or dining under the sea. Of course, these activities are more pricey, but it’s worth it!

8. Buenos Aires

South America is filled with beautiful countries, but we picked this special city as a must-visit destination instead. The passionate city of tango is now more affordable than ever, and it’s a boiling pot of diversity. A mix between all the indigenous cultures and the Spanish and Italian influences makes Buenos Aires a prime gastronomic destination. There are a lot of delightful theaters and museums, and some eccentric bookstores as well. Plus, the city’s thriving artistic scene is just one more reason for you to stop by.

9. India

One country where you’ll probably get a conflicted feeling is India. It can be a harsh shock to come in contact with the devastating reality of mass poverty. Nonetheless, you can visit many UNESCO sites, such as the Kumbhalgarh Fort and Chittorgarh Forts, the Jaisalmer Fort, and the Jodhpur’s Mehrangarh Fort. There are also many astonishing palaces, and some beautiful natural sites too. Maybe plan a volunteer trip to India and get to know the country while causing a positive impact on the community.

10. El Salvador

El Salvador didn’t make it into any of these lists, mainly because it was such a dangerous country. But now that crime rates are finally coming down, the time has come to discover this wonderful South American gem. The natural settings here are incredible. Enjoy a hiking tour while discovering all the lakes, volcanos, and coffee plantations in this small but amazing country. El Salvador is also an affordable destination and a prime choice for nature lovers.

11. Montenegro

Can you guess which city has become one of the most sought-after European destinations since Game of Thrones? I’ll help you: Croatia! This small country, which was often overlooked, is now crawling with tourists all year round. But no worries. Right next to it, you can find Montenegro, a prime European destination still on the rise. But, mark my words, hurry if you want to see it without huge crowds all around, though. This tiny country offers the best of both worlds – from a mountain vacation to a blissful beach sunset. What are you waiting for?

12. Sicily

This Italian island has been associated with the mafia for far too long. It’s time to leave that behind and enjoy a wonderful vacation in one of the prettiest Mediterranean Islands. The sunny weather, the clear blue waters, and Italian cuisine should be enough to get you to buy a plane ticket right now! Take your time when visiting Italy, because you are going to miss every part of it. Explore the volcanos, enjoy the fantastic views, taste their exquisite wines, and discover the magnificent ancient Roman villages.