Uber, Lyft rideshare services are getting more and more appealing to the public. Anywhere you go, you cannot miss the Uber, Lyft logos.

Nowadays, when people get the choice between an Uber and taxi, they certainly choose to turn on their Uber or Lyft applications. Uber cars are modern and more comfortable; also, you can get an Uber driver with few clicks on your phone.

There is a running debate between people who consider Lyft more expensive than Uber and others who think the contrary; another debate is also taking place concerning the degree of safety Uber and Lyft provide for their customers.

Anyone with a car can enter the Uber driver website and apply for working for Uber, the thing that raises so many questions about security standards in apps like Uber. Questions including do Uber people run enough backgrounds checks before making someone an Uber driver?

How much safe are customers who use Uber application online on a daily basis? And the hardest question is whether Uber Transportation Company and Lyft Driving Company run background checks at all? Either way, one should be careful when using these services.