It’s very normal for hotel concierges to deal with very inappropriate requests or conversations. Sometimes this happens because people don’t have basic common sense, but other times we simply don’t understand what their job is and what it allows them to do or say.

I think we can all relate to the fact that sometimes, we have to create this “character” when we’re working just because our job asks us to do so, especially jobs that require dealing with other people, like customer care.

So if you have a booked hotel in the next month or you’re just curious about what can a hotel concierge help with, keep reading!

1. Help you save money

Most of us might think that people who work at hotels want to charge you more than they have to, which they can’t because that’s illegal. And there are often fixed price lists so there’s no way they can fool you.

Besides, they are experts when it comes to money management and can be very helpful in giving you some tips on how to save money around the place that you’re visiting.

For example, if you want to take a uber ride to the beach, the concierge can call the uber for you, while also telling you about the free bus that takes people to the beaches, or about some amazing free or low-cost activities for you to save some cash.

2. Provide full assistance as you arrive

It can be scary and confusing being in a new country away from home; you might get lost, and you don’t know if people will be nice to you there.

One thing you can be sure about is that hotel concierges must be welcoming and nice to you, it’s part of their job! Once you arrive, they will help you check in, help with your bags, take you to your hotel room, etc.

They may ask you in advance if you have any special needs, so when you arrive, everything is done accordingly.

3. Food

If there’s something that hotel concierges know about is food and restaurant recommendations. You can always count on them to tell you the best places in town to eat within your budget.

As you arrive for check-in, they might recommend a restaurant right away for you to have lunch or dinner, depending on your arrival time.

4. Itinerary

Let’s face it; even if you have it all planned, the hotel concierge will always plan it better because they live there. They’ll know all the shortcuts, opening and closing hours of every tourist attractions, underrated places you should visit, and overrated places you can pass on; the list is endless.

At a good hotel, the concierge will take time getting to know you and your taste; if you’re more adventurous, they might help you planning a hiking trip. If you prefer getting to know the place and its culture, they might recommend a cool arts tour.

5. Booking

Their job includes booking for people, which includes not only hotel room bookings, but also book trips and purchase flight tickets.

They will also help you with travel insurance in case you don’t have one. If you’re lucky, they might even book you a table at the busiest restaurant. Hotel concierges have a lot of power, and we should take advantage of it in a good way!

Now that we talked about what a concierge can do for you, let’s see what they can’t do!

1. Immoral actions

This is not a surprise. Even though some people dare to ask them for illegal stuff, the concierge’s job requires them to decline and explain they cannot do that, politely.

Unfortunately, you’re already putting them in a horrible, awkward position by asking them certain things that you should keep to yourself.

2. You’re a client, not a friend

Even though you can form a friendship with your hotel concierge, they can be in trouble if they cross the client/friend line, which includes gossiping. It’s the easiest thing to do, and it’s in our nature to talk about everything and everyone.

However, discretion is a requirement in any hotel concierge job description. They cannot and will not talk about other guests, coworkers or tell you which famous people are staying at the hotel. Just respect that and don’t insist.

3. Give you money

Let’s imagine you’re getting out of your cab and your total bill is 11$, but you only have 10$, is it ok to ask your hotel concierge for that extra dollar even if you pay them later? Absolutely not. It’s not their job to carry money just in case you need it.

If they do carry extra cash, it’s either theirs or the hotel’s. And if by any chance you don’t pay her, she’ll lose money, over something that you did.

If something like this happens, she will tell you where you can find the nearest ATM, the cab will wait for you, and they won’t charge you more for it.

4. Babysit

Some people might think a hotel concierge is the same as a personal assistant. It is not. They can recommend you places to leave your kid or your pet, but it’s not their job to walk your dog or watch over your kid while you go to a nightclub.

They can watch over your kid for 5m in the lobby if you go to the bathroom, but that’s about it. They have a lot of things to do and focus on, your kid or pet can’t be one of them.

5. Price negotiation

As discussed above, there are fixed price lists; if you eat at the hotel restaurant, you’ll pick from a menu with the prices listed. So there’s no point in bargaining or asking for a discount, you don’t have special care over other customers.

If it’s too expensive for you, ask your hotel concierge for a cheaper restaurant recommendation for you to eat in. They will have loads of recommendations for you.

Being a hotel concierge is not easy at all. Neither is any job that involves dealing with loads of different people; you never know if they’ll be nice or mean, or ask you inappropriate things, for example.

But we can change this; we are the public, the costumers, the ones traveling and booking hotels, the least we can do is respect their job.