After the hard work and the chilly winter days, travelers can’t wait for the summer holidays to come. It is their chance to finally get some vitamin D, a beautiful brownish color while laying down on the golden warm sand enjoying the tasty and colorful fresh cocktails!

While the idea sounds a very good one, many magnificent beautiful beaches might be more encouraging, especially that they seem very appealing and so much like Garden of Eden. However, appearance is deceiving and what might be shining from the outside can be shocking, terrifying, and dangerous from the inside!

1. Playa Zipolite, Mexico

This beautiful beach is located on the southern coast of Oaxaca state in Mexico. Playa Zipolite is famous for being one of the few nude beaches and for retaining much of the hippie culture.

Zipolite beach is also famous for its strong and crashing waves that are reported to be very dangerous and which have killed many people. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that this ‘’ Playa Zipolite’’ in Mexico is actually called ‘’ the beach of the dead’’!

Thankfully, in the recent year, the number of accidents decreased very remarkably thanks to a large, good and well-trained team of highly qualified rescuers. Still, this doesn’t mean that you are safe unless you are strong enough to challenge the waves and come out alive and proud!

2. Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia

Trust me, this place is definitely not where you can relax and enjoy the holidays. It is literally a suicide of free will! No one can deny the beauty of the place but what’s under the surface is absolutely not much appealing.

I’m not talking about crocodiles here but many other dangerous inhabitants that can easily take your breath away and end your life. Unlike the other Australian regions, this one is teeming with dangerous creatures, including aggressive cassowaries, venomous snakes, spiders, and jellyfish.

By the way, you probably would like to know that more of these friendly creatures appear during the rainy season which normally lasts from October to June.

3. Shenzhen, China

Only some couple of months left for summer. So, everyone is excited about planing their destination. Some of you would definitely think about Shenzhen! I mean, who can resist not going there! Everything is just amazingly wonderful including, the Sunshine, blue skies, seashore, beaches, bikinis, and everything else!

But wait! before it is too late to regret, you should put in mind that Shenzhen’s beaches are considered to be dangerous and even deadly where Most of the Victims are children and elder people.

So, taking your little family with you is definitely not a good idea! The danger rests on the fact Shenzhen’s beaches are extremely crowded with both tourists and locals, especially during the peak seasons.

Therefore most of the accident are as a result of lack of breathing spaces! So, If you wanna know how it feels to choke to death, you know where you should go!

4. New Smyrna Beach, Florida, United States

Pick any other beach but please not this one! Of course, you don’t wanna see yourself screaming as loud as you can while the sharks are mercilessly devouring parts of your body. Just the fact of picturing the scenario in your head would scare you to death.

My intentions are not to cause you such feelings rather warn you before it happens.
Did you know that New Smyrna Beach was stated to be ‘’the shark attack capital of the world’’ by the Guinness Book Of the World Records?

It is true that this beach is the best in all Florida but it is dangerous and full of sharks.
In fact, many swimmers were attacked by these ferocious fish. In 2007, for instance, reports indicate that about 112 people were attacked while 17 of them were in New Smyrna Beach.

Besides the sharks, you should also watch your belongings, pockets, bags and all the other important things since there are many local robbers who are impatiently waiting for their prize!

5. Maho Beach, Saint-Martin Island

Despite the danger, This beach keeps attracting many categories of people including, the tourists, photographers, plane-watchers, and thrill-seekers who come to watch aircraft on final approach of landing and take some unique and incredible pictures.

This beach is famous for its location. It is situated only a few meters away from the Princess Juliana International Airport. In fact, they are only separated by a narrow road and fence and that’s what makes it very dangerous!

Many warning signs were posted prohibiting people from getting close to the runway but in vain. It is neither the risk of a plane crash nor the noise while taking off and landing stop the curious souls from visiting this unusual place.

6. Heard Island in the Indian Ocean

It is true that this island belongs to Australia, but it is far away from being part of the warm Indian Ocean.

The waters are extremely cold and freezing and perhaps the only people who could enjoy taking a quick dip are those winter swimmers or surf lovers, as for the rest, they’d better not accept the dare because at the end they will either live with hypothermia or very simply die! Not many choices here!

7. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii, United States

No one can deny that Hanakapiai is the most beautiful beach in Hawaii and the most popular tourist attraction. However, Hanakapiai is like many other beaches on this list, it is known for its very strong rip currents, high surf, and many other dangerous things.

That’s in addition to the fact that the beach has no local rescue station which means that rip currents could carry you out to the open waters without being noticed and saved!

8. Gansbaai Beach, South Africa

Again, no need to remind you of the bloody scenario where you end up in the shark’s tummy. It is said that too many white sharks inhabit Gansbaai beach. It is just their most favorite place on earth where they tend to live in very large numbers.

However, Travel companies tried to satisfy their customer’s needs and arranged diving activities where the divers are protected in cells while they enjoy watching these marine predators without any life-threatening risks!

9. Staithes, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This lovely and beautiful village in England is considered to be the most popular tourist attraction in the world. Surfers also form a large audience. However, sometimes beauty alone is never enough!

Staithes’ waters are very contaminated with sewage and were also recorded to be one of the worst beaches in Whole Europe. It is important to add that the Staithes doesn’t even meet minimum safety standards

10. Praia De Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil

Praia De Boa Viagem had never reported any shark attacks but in 1992 to nowadays lot of sharks are attacking humans as a result of the changes occurred in the ecosystem. The latter changes are all because of man’s unreasonable activities, including the uncontrolled fishing.