What is a religious cult? Why is it dangerous? And how does it become so powerful?
Simply put, a cult is a persuasive, charismatic, and pragmatic founder/leader who can lead (control) a large number of individuals.

Generally, religious cults turn around similar religious perceptions of the apocalypses, isolation or superiority, and Spiritism. All of this is based on manipulation and control of people. Also, it is said that the road of cults is paved with cash (not for you, followers!)

Determining the top dangerous religious cults is not a piece of cake, as they all have almost the same issues linked to lack of humanity, criminal activity, drugs consumption, and more.

They were ranked according to the number of cult members and the destructive impacts they’ve caused to themselves and other humans (even children.)
Religious cults are dangerous because they are, in one way or another, extremist.

They reject society and cannot deal with different other people. Moreover, they do a whole lot of terrifyingly creepy stuff.