1. Rio De Janeiro in Brazil


Did you ever get the chance to visit Brazil? Here is your shot! A trip to Rio De Janeiro is perhaps the happiness project you have been planning for. In the heart of Latin America, Rio is the funniest place to ever visit.

The sandy beaches and picturesque natural views, Rio De Janeiro is the ‘Cidade Maravilhosa’ of Brazil. You can buy an air ticket online to kick off an unforgettable journey. There is no doubt that Rio is the most captivating city par excellence full of tourist attractions.

You can have a lifetime chance to see at close range Barra Da Tijuca Beach, which is the longest beach in the city. If you are a quiet person, this place is the perfect site to enjoy a calm vacation in a less crowded place.

You can experience kite and body surfing. In case you are the solo travel kind of person, you will find undoubtedly serenity in this gorgeous spot. The residents of the city are among the happiest folks on earth.

How cannot they be while they are surrounded by Mother Nature, providing them with anything they need. You can try going on hiking tours as you are there.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark


To the lands of the fierce and glorious warriors of Scandinavia: The Vikings. Did you watch the series? It is a wonderful introduction to the ancient Scandinavian culture and folks. Denmark has been known for ages that it is the number one happiest country in Europe, in the north in particular.

Copenhagen, which is home to 5.5 million people living and coexisting in a tiny Danish community, is a-must-visit-city. Make sure you buy one of the newest upcoming Nikon cameras for you will be introduced to an irresistibly splendid culture and history.

You do not have to worry about online hotel booking. Just make sure you got the best road map to start your tour. You are strongly advised to set about the journey with a visit to the historical royal residence: Amalienborg Palace.

You can watch the royal guard or Den Kongelige Livgarde changing every day at 12.00 noon. In addition to The Royal Guard, you can enjoy something similar to the private guided tours of the Louvre, but in Amalienborg Museum instead this time. Excited to taste the flavor of Danish happiness?