Oh, goody! Who doesn’t love to travel? You even wake up early with a smile, and you probably have already packed and ready to go. But there are a few bad habits people have, making mistakes that will lead them to lose personal items due to security risk or even get stuff lost or stolen!

Every year around 25 million checked luggage is misplaced, and in many cases, they end up being recovered by the airlines, but you could also do your part to minimize the risk.

If you are reading this in the airport checkpoint, well, it may not be too late to double-check everything, but if you have doubts about what to look for,here’s 10 things you shouldn’t do when checking your bag!

1. Prohibited Items

There are a lot of prohibited items, and this is one of the first things you should do when you want to travel. It will save you from being pulled aside by security. Make sure you consult the TSA’s prohibited items list so you can be assured of what you can and cannot bring inside your bags.

Flammable items are one of these objects that you are not allowed to bring on an airplane. So you can scratch already those from your list. Do not be a risk to yourself or others, and have a safe flight.

2. Unregulated Locks

Are you a lock bag kind of person? We get it, but you have to be aware of the type of locks you use. Using random locks may pose an airport security risk by being unregulated by TSA rules.

Therefore, it will be taken from the bag, and all your efforts to keep your belongings safe will be just useless! In this case, do yourself a favor and check the TSA approved locks before you lock up your luggage.

3. Breaking The Weight Limit

You’re going on a big vacation, so you need to pack more stuff, it’s normal, but you must be aware of some rules in terms of airport luggage scale.

People may tend to forget to check their luggage weight, but you totally should before checking in with the risk of it being denied, and you can’t bring all of your stuff.

It’s a very uncomfortable situation to be in, and definitely, you don’t want to experience that, do you? The weight limit for checked bags may differ from an airline company to another, but you must research what that limit is in your case before traveling.

4. Booking Cheaper Flights

It’s normal to try to find cheap flight tickets, we all want to save as much we can and find the best deals in those cheap flight websites, but be aware that cheap flight booking normally means, yes, connection flights!

So it’s a lot of flight time to do but also a bigger risk of getting your luggage lost. It is very common for it to be misplaced and getting shuffled out to somewhere else in connection flights. Now, normally the airlines will recover your luggage but is it really worth it? Direct flights are way safer bets.

5. Traveling With Untagged Bags

Ever wondered why that friend’s bag is all tagged up? Well, one is that they are lucky to be traveling a lot, but most importantly, they are smart! Why?

With a baggage tag, you can easily identify your bag and avoid any undesirable situations where your luggage is being misplaced or taken by mistake by someone else at the travel destination.

You don’t want to open your bag in the hotel and find a bikini that is not yours, right? Buy yourself a nice colorful tag to be sure!

6. Don’t Overpack Clothes

You want to be sure you’re prepared for every situation, it’s smart thinking when you’re going to travel, but there are a few reasons not to overpack your luggage with clothes. One is that you may be contributing to the bag to overstep the weight limits.

Still, it would be best if you also kept a few clothing options in your handbag, you never know when you’re going to need a change, you might get held up at an airport and weather can change, some accident can happen, and many reasons may lead to a change.

7. Valuable Items

If you want to travel and bring some valuable items, then the handbag is your best option as long as it doesn’t break any regulations. People still make the mistake of checking in luggage with valuable items or even amounts of money that may raise a few red flags with the airport security.

Also, there’s the risk of your items being stolen or lost. In this case, you don’t have many options! You can either try to leave behind those things and just enjoy your vacation or check and recheck everything to avoid any undesirable trouble at the airport checkpoint.

8. Careless Liquid Packing

Misplacing liquid items in your luggage is a common travel mistake. Such volatile items can ruin everything inside your bags if, for some reason, they get open. To prevent this, make sure you pack shampoos and shower gels, for example, inside a plastic bag.

If you are packing bottles with alcohol, you may want to wrap them nicely and well with pieces of clothing. And of course, don’t forget to check TSA liquids, approved and not approved to be double sure.

9. Checking in Smaller Bags

Why would you want to check in your carry-on bag or backpacks? That’s not smart at all. For one, the more you check, the more are the costs. Also, during the flight, you might want to bring in some essentials with you as much as more valuable items.

Carry-on luggage is best safe traveling with you to avoid the unnecessary risk of it being lost or stolen. Also, you won’t be waiting for a long time to retrieve all your bags at the destination, save yourself some money and time too!

10. Not Double Checking Your Bags


Choosing the right bag is very important. Hence, it’s advisable to pick a colorful bag that stands out from others. You might find this weird, but thieves may ignore luggage that stands out because such bags can be easily identified.

Another thing to take into consideration when picking your travel bags is the size. You should make sure that your bags fit everything you need to bring, but again, do not exceed that weight limit!

If you are at the security line reading this, it’s not too late to recheck if everything is ok with your bags, as it may have a liquid spillage, check all the compartments and pockets, and make sure everything is well closed and or zipped.

To finalize, you may also want to check some travel insurance, it may be a good idea to have a few plans in case something bad happens with your belongings and you can get really good deals and good plans to help you on the way just in case.

The important message here is to be smart about traveling, it may be tons of fun, but you also need to be smart about it, check everything before you travel: if you have a good bag, what do you need to bring, and everything that is approved or not approved. If you have looked into everything, then go ahead, book your flight and have a safe trip.