When you are in Japan, be prepared to move your legs and arms every single morning! Once you are there, you can have no excuses for your lazy mode of life.

Everyone, including school students and employees, starts their morning with fresh physical exercises. In fact, This tradition has started since 1928 and it is still strongly supported by the local community.

The main motive behind this practice is to make people feel better, healthier, and happier. In addition, to helping them create that bond and become closer to each other by embracing their differences and learning how to tolerate them in such a communal country as Japan.


The entire world knows how hardworking are the Japanese people. In fact, they are very famous for their hard work, determination, and excellence!

Therefore, it is not surprising at all to see them sleeping in the metro and in the train after work on their way back home. They really suffer from fatigue because of being overworked on a daily basis!

However, the surprising thing about this is that the Japanese government approved a program called ‘’ Premium Friday’’. The latter allows employees to leave work several hours early every last Friday of the month in order to fight the fatigue and allow the employees rest and renew their energy.

The cool thing about this is that the Minister of Economy, Hiroshige Seko, was the first to take the initiative and encourage the others to do the same! He chooses to play curling after work to get rid of work stress!