If you really wanna have a different and unique experience that will remain engraved in your memory for too long, then surely, you must pick Japan as your next travel destination!

This place on earth will really leave you speechless and even turn you into a storyteller. Everything just everything about this destination will make you sigh with surprise repeating ‘’ Oh My God’’!

One of the surprising things about Japan is that it is filled with illustrated manuals, guides, and instructions that are meant to guide you through during your stay!

So, you don’t really need to worry about the language as you won’t really find any problem understanding the guides and manuals, especially that they are all translated into the English language and even illustrated, which is really cool!


Each and every culture has something unique to offer, but the Japanese culture, I dare say, is an exception. Japenese people believe that odds numbers are magical, special, and they need to be celebrated.

For this reason, all kids who are 3,5, and 7 years old celebrate their ages on November 15. The latter celebration is given the name of ‘’ Shiti-Go-San’’ which can be translated into English into “Seven-Five-Three.”

The reason why these particular stages of life are celebrated and cherished by the Japenese culture is that the Japanese do believe that those ages symbolize crucial stages of growing!