There is no greater pleasure in carrying out international leisure or business trips, allowing all travelers to contact local people from other countries and cultures. In that aspect, you can find countries of rare beauty with more serious and closed people and poorer countries with more friendly, caring, and extremely welcoming people. You find a little bit of everything, and that is what makes your travels richer, more magical, and unforgettable.

InterNations, a global network that houses people who live and work abroad, conducted interviews with more than 20,000 of its members from 187 different countries to determine which countries have the most friendly people. So, if you ever wondered, “Who are the friendliest people in the world?” Be yourself and join us in reading this article. The results will be amazing!

1. Bahrain – The Friendliest Country in the Persian Gulf

Bahrain is a dream travel destination for everyone who wants to find an extraordinary location that offers the wonders of the desert and the charms of an aquatic destination. This country is formed by more than 30 islands in the Persian Gulf, has a rich past, and linked to the old trade routes, being one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the Middle East.

Most of the tourists who visit the region are from other Arab countries, but the truth is that, in recent years, there have been more and more international tourists visiting Manama, the country’s capital. This is due to the curiosity about the local culture and the friendliness and good reception by the local populations.

2. Costa Rica – People Who Love To Show Their National Treasures

Costa Rica is one of the most popular travel destinations for anyone looking for a place with landscapes, beaches, and tropical forests. It is, without a doubt, a phenomenal trip for those who like to travel to exotic places and rich in culture.

The city of San José is the capital of the country and the highest exponent of its culture. Costa Ricans are friendly and warm people who love to show their national landscape and urban treasures to all the people who visit them.

3. Indonesia – Country of Extraordinary Landscapes and Humble People

Indonesia is one of the popular destinations for all travelers. Thousands of tourists flock to teh ountry throughout the year. Indonesia comprises more than 13,000 islands, especially the island of Bali, Java, and Jakarta – the capital. They all offer stunning beaches and incredible mountain scenery and have humble and kind people who like to make contact.

In general, Indonesia has a poor rating on health and safety, but in terms of human capital, it is very rich and knows how to welcome all tourists visiting the region.

4. The Philippines – A place That Offers a Beautiful Mix of Cultures

The Philippines consists of 7,000 islands, and they are all quite different from the islands you are used to finding in other countries. All countries indeed claim the same, but the truth is that this nation offers a very different range of cultural experiences and various types of spectacular outdoor activities.

All of this is supported by a total availability and willingness to help the local communities that show and sell their artifacts as souvenirs to tourists.

5. Colombia – Open, Warm, and Very Friendly Country

The image that Colombia is a country linked to drug trafficking is already part of the past. Today’s Colombia shows a rejuvenated country with more expansive, warm, and even friendlier people.

And there are many reasons for this: Colombia has stunning natural landscapes, and local communities like to share their cultural heritage and goodwill with tourists. More than that, there is always a good cafe to bring cafeterias closer to the people who visit the country.

6. Vietnam – Country of Thousands of Charms

A trip to Vietnam may be outside most Americans’ plans, as the war that was fought there is still present in most people’s heads. However, it is an extraordinary place with thousands of charms. You will find breathtaking landscapes to lose sight of and a scenic beauty worthy of Giotto’s paintings.

Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon) is now a modern and welcoming travel destination, and the new Vietnamese generations are pleasant, welcoming, and ready to love their neighbor. Book your flight tickets now to visit this region and discover one of the most beautiful and extraordinary countries in the world.

7. Taiwan – Discover Taipei and Be Dazzled By the Simplicity of Its People

Many people have heard of Taiwan, but in practice, they do not know where it is. The truth is that Taiwan is on the east coast of China and is self-proclaimed as an independent country.

Going to Taiwan is equivalent to visiting Taipei, the country’s capital. And that is because it is there that the main tourist attractions are found, such as the temples, the most traditional schools, but also the skyscrapers and other types of more modern and avant-garde architectural projects. Taiwanese are courteous and proud to be able to share their experiences with people in the Western world.

8. Portugal – One of the Countries with the Friendliest People

Portugal is one of the countries with the friendliest people in the world, as this is the feeling that travelers get after visiting this paradise by the sea. This is seen in how the local population receives tourists, speaks and interacts with them – the Portuguese language is not exactly easy to be spoken and understood – to provide them with an excellent stay.

The Portuguese people like to please other people and use their best weapons for this purpose: good food, historic buildings and monuments full of culture, and unforgettable coastal and mountainous landscapes that delight anyone.

There are countless cheap flight tickets on several airlines to travel to Portugal and, as such, you should take advantage of this bonus to have a relaxed lifestyle, in a good Portuguese way.

9. Mexico – Country of Joy and Good-Natured People

Mexico is one of the most iconic and charming countries globally, and this is due to its natural, urban, and cultural heritage. You can find paradisiacal beaches, discover mountain landscapes of incredible beauty, explore ruins and historic buildings and visit cosmopolitan cities, among other entertainment options.

Life in Mexico does not stop, and the good mood and energy of the Mexicans are contagious and will make you free and vibrate even more with this trip.

10. Oman – A New World to Discover

This is perhaps the most surprising choice on this list of countries with the friendliest people, but the respective distinction is fully deserved. Oman is a country with little expression on the Arabian Peninsula, but with a big heart when it comes to how its people receive those who visit them.

The inhabitants of Oman do everything to make people feel at home and always try to please tourists. You can visit the oldest mosques or enjoy the beach areas with maximum tranquility and relaxation in terms of tourist attractions.

We know that these rankings are too volatile and subjective, but according to the sample size of the surveyed population (more than 20,000 InterNations members from 187 different countries), the results must be viewed with the utmost confidence and credibility. From this top that we present to you, is there any country that has surprised you?

Tell us in the comments which country is the one that, at the moment, seems to have the friendliest people.